Hey Bronzeville!

Notice of Upcoming Improvements to Your Community

The Department of Public Service will be placing an interim safety treatment on Mt. Vernon Avenue from 20th Street to Phillips Street beginning the week of September 13, 2021. The installation is expected to take a minimum of two weeks to be fully implemented depending on weather conditions.

This treatment will include the following:

  • All-way STOP signs at Champion Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue
  • All-way STOP signs at Ohio Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue
  • New crosswalk markings near Champion Middle School
  • Striped parking lanes with curb extensions along Mt. Vernon Avenue

This installation meets one of the overarching project goals from the Bronzeville/Mt. Vernon Avenue Safety and Mobility Action Plan to address crashes and near misses at the Champion Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue intersection.

The project team is currently working towards developing concepts for the corridor to meet the goals of reducing vehicle speeds, improving safety, and providing more transportation options to residents. Corridor-wide concepts are being evaluated for long-term implementation and are currently unfunded. Alternatives will be evaluated based upon safety, mobility, community alignment, and feasibility. Intersection improvements will be assessed in relation to each alternative. For more information, please email bronzeville@warholandwallst.com, call (614) 645-3111, or visit www.bronzevillemoves.com.